Which Shoes?

There are two pairs of shoes you can choose from today.
Both pairs are appealing, so you might say.
From the outside, one would think either would suffice.
But stop for a second and listen to my advice.
Put both pairs on and take a walk around.
Does one feel more comfortable as the sole hits the ground?
But the other pair is the prettiest color that you’ve ever found?
Does one fit your arch better and give the support that you need?
While the other pair will give blisters that will start to bleed.
One may take longer to lace up, buckle and tie
The other slip on and are easy as pie.
Which one do you choose as you suit up for the day?
Will your shoes embrace your journey or stand in your way?
Picking the pair that don’t hurt your feet but offer protection instead
Could be just the push you need for the road up ahead.
You might want the glittery pair for the person you hope to impress
But is that person worth it if you stay around because the way you dress?
Shoes are like the choices in our life, the big and the small.
For the journey up ahead, our choices determine which way we fall.
If our concern is with what others think, we may put ourselves in an uncomfortable position.
Realizing that the glitter shoes was ultimately the wrong decision.
The best part about today’s shoes that we decide to wear.
We go home at the end of the day and tomorrow we can wear a new pair.
Ultimately consider the road in front of you or the little that you know.
Decide from there which choices or shoes will help you as you go.
Don’t worry though, our God is not one who lacks good style.
The glitter shoes will be the ones you need every once in a while.


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