Wherever you are…

I wrote this for my future husband (not rushing myself, don’t worry), but I figured if I think about who he is, why not write about him? Wherever he is, I’m BEYOND excited to meet him.

I think of you, you’re constantly in mind.
Wherever I walk, you’re never far behind.
I don’t know your name or where you live.
For these exact details, a lot I’d give.
But you should know how much I already love you.
Unconditionally without fail and passionately too.
I can’t wait to meet you and see your face.
The way you’ll walk into a room and light up the place.
I have a feeling your eyes will captivate my soul.
As far as being a man, I know you’ll take that role.
I often reflect about how your hands will feel.
How you’ll hold me in your arms and keep my spirit still.
But its not the physical you I’m excited to meet.
It’s your heart, I know, that will sweep me off my feet.
The way you love others, no matter who they are.
Your constant desire to work hard and always push far.
Confidence like yours makes others feel secure.
When you’re around, nothing too bad can occur.
I have a feeling you will love to constantly say.
“I love you,” not just at the very end of the day.
I often pray that you know that I am waiting for you.
For protection and happiness until we say, “I do.”
My heart constantly confirms that I must not settle but wait.
My knight and shining armor knows his time and won’t be late.
I know you will spiritually lead me through this life.
I thank God everyday that my future calling includes being a wife.
My spirit longs for that partner in which I share.
Every goal, desire, dream, worry and care.
I know the Lord will give me a warrior, one not afraid.
Prepared and educated to travel the road less paved.
I find myself smiling when I think about His plan.
Which includes eternal life with a genuine, Godly man.
So I wanted you to know that you’re wife already loves you.
When we’ll actually meet, I simply don’t have a clue.
But the Lord has reminded me to stay running the race.
Keeping my head up with a smile on my face.
For it is His love that can only teach me.
How I should really love you and have the right eyes to see.
I remain thankful for His sovereign plan and design.
That He made the stars so He can rightfully align.
Thank you for being you and ahead of time for loving me.
I can’t wait to run this race with you and feel ultimate victory!


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