Thirst No More.

I want to drink, drink from the well.
Wherever you are is where I will dwell.
Your water, it sanctifies my soul.
Oh sweet Lord, take complete control.
This urgency to drink so I don’t dehydrate.
Time is now, this hour I can’t duplicate.
This water springs youth into my veins.
My duties keep calling but my energy sustains.
Its eternal, unwavering and doesn’t run dry.
I say I’m thirsty and you don’t ask why.
You say, my child, give me your cup.
Without hesitation, you fill it right up.
Oh Messiah, how you continually provide.
Energy for the journey and passion for the ride.
So I drink and I drink and I drink some more.
Feeling my bones rejoice as they begin to restore.
No physical boundary lies in my way.
And I realize how far I’ve come since yesterday.
Sweet Yahweh, thank you for this well of grace.
For the gift of living water into this temporary place.
Let Me run for you and not thirst for another.
I pray I can love my neighbor like a brother.
So now I offer him my cup as I see his is dry.
I do not worry about amount cause I know who does supply.
Now at Your well, we come here together.
My sweet Jesus, let’s drink together!


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