You’re a warrior, a true soldier here.
Into the enemy’s eyes, you look without fear.
You remain educated and always aware.
You pass commoners as they point and stare.
You are different, completely set apart.
But this is old news you’ve known from the start.
Death does not scare you or keep you away.
You know your maker and he determines your day.
You respect authority without need to be King.
But people worship you asking you what can they bring.
Your eyes resemble truth at its’ core.
Deciding to do right, no matter what is in store.
You walk without stumbling in the dark.
Using God as your GPS on the journey you embark.
You offer mercy to other who aren’t as strong.
Knowing that everyone sings a different song.
Your equipment lays heavy upon your chest.
Yet you never do less than your absolute best.
You preach the power of Christ through action alone.
Live David, you kill Goliath with only one stone.
When others begin to condemn or criticize.
You say Jesus’ name and know they can’t cause your demise.
Instead you use it as a platform to proclaim His grace.
Praising the Lord with blood stained on your face.
Fighting for you is not a physical competition.
You are a warrior, that is your position.
You rest at night praying for your enemy.
Aware that saving them is not your ability.
When the war continues and you enter the battlefield.
You stand on the rock and hold up your shield.
Fear has no place and death has no hold.
Oh warrior for Jesus, do you hear the story you’ve told?
Keep fighting, keep standing, keep lifting your face.
This arena can’t contain you, you’ll remain in first place.
Don’t be discouraged, your heart is in high demand.
You are a warrior, your life’s in His hand.


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