Tiny Dancer.

Since a small little girl in her gymnastics leotard.
How would one describe the life in which she has starred?
Growing up in a small town feeling like she could take on teh world.
I don’t think it was possible to create a more beautiful little girl.
She had a toughness about her that no one could break.
Such a sturdy foundation, it seemed nothing could shake.
Her friends were always popular and the life of the party
Always something to do and life just seemed easy
At some point in all this, life intervened for the ride.
The things that came naturally even took a turn for the tide.
Boys became present and feeling pretty rose to the top.
If those around don’t approve, wouldn’t life simply stop?
Girls began to choose teams and just weren’t as kind.
Why does everyone have to have an alterior motive in mind?
Her brain would often wonder if only she thought this way.
It seemed that was the case, at least for today.
Life went on and as she traveled, experienced and lived all day long.
Made good and bad decisions, experienced right and wrong.
She went through the valleys and felt the rock bottom floor.
Spent a great deal of time dwelling on life’s closed door.
Would she change anything if she thought that she could?
Seeing her spirit dance now, I wouldn’t say that she wouldn’t.
She is as strong as an ox but her core is sensitive as can be.
She may appear to be apathetic sometimes but she’s not fooling me.
This sweet little gymnast taught me the meaning of loyalty.
Sometimes though, it can be her own disability.
Often too timid to take off and run after her own dream
Indecisive, over-analytical and a perfectionist machine.
But I’ve seen her run before and oh is it a sight
Such unique energy and passion taking off in flight.
I pray that she believes in herself and sees her like I do
As far as people in this world like her, there are too few.
She’s played the roles of a loving mother when it wasn’t her turn
Or the sacrificial friend when someone else deserved to be burned
The unconditionally supportive sister who would give it all.
Or the girlfriend who even when he broke, she stood tall.
Still young, still yearning, still ready to explore.
Lord, I pray for this heart and all that’s in store.
A truly beautiful and gifted person reigning from the inside out.
Will she be successful? I have not one single doubt.
She is just one of those people who doesn’t know the difference she makes.
For so many people around she’ll do whatever it takes.
So I pray for this humble heart, Lord saturate it in love.
This little girl once in a leotard is an angel from above.


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