The Christian Christmas.

Adoration for the things you give
Restoration when I freely live
Destination isn’t my concern
Condemnation can no longer burn
Preparation for any case
Domination when I seek your face
Sanctification when I follow
Invasion of the enemy leaves me hollow
Duration of the journey up to you
Donation of my life I give that too.
Reputation gets lost cause I”m on a high
Hesitation is gone, with you I fly
celebration is here, time is now
desperation for people to ask me how
quotation of your love pours out of my mouth
equation doesn’t match, that’s what its about
starvation for you, fill me up inside.
relation as my father, i am your bride
nation after nation will bow on one knee
Population after population will witness your victory
imagination of that day can’t justify
civilization cant comprehend, though we do try
Compensation for the life you offer me
creation of salvation, an eternal gift that’s free
desolation is gone, all trees gain back flowers
elevation of your name, oh supernatural power
fascination that your love exists this bold
foundation rock sturdy, a heart is never cold.
gratification for the sacrificial cross
identification verified, my life is not at loss
Qualification: there are none you seek
representation of you Jesus, a mountain at its peek
salvation, such a precious and absolute way
separation from you no longer, not another day.


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