Strength Within.

Strength, you have it right inside of you.
no matter what you say, this is simply true.
when you feel incapable or the least bit inferior.
reach deep within and don’t rely on the exterior.
strength is often a treasure we get to find
when we are forced to move forward when we want to look behind
when we are terrified of what lies just ahead
strength peeks in and keeps us moving instead.
we often don’t know the measure or amount
we would underestimate if we were to take count
you see, the strength that always gets us through
Is the one thing in this life that does stay true
do you ever hear a still small voice within you talk?
or a physical force that literally helps you walk?
when you feel like you have nothing left and are so weak
or tears pounding your face so you can’t even speak
it’s that power that comes in when these feelings arise
that starts with erasing all of Satan’s evil lies.
sometimes its that last little bit of steel, determined gumption
or simply picking yourself up and forcing you to function
sometimes it is a total change of perspective
that reminds you being afraid in life is simply ineffective.
earthly strength is deceiful and temporary
like a poorly built house, the weak foundation can be scary.
But the strength that changes lives and hearts?
That’s straight from God, offering brand new starts.
he gives strength to the most undeserving of them all.
no prior record exists, he answers when you call.
this strength is confidence, it screams victory.
sometimes when i think of this, i have an epiphany.
if i believe that i can, i will and if i cant i wont?
well then i will speak faith and change the do to don’t.
my strength is wide, it is tall and it reaches deep
it can climb a mountain, no matter how steep.
so when you start to doubt me or the things i can do.
the fearful me walks away and i am made brand new.
the cross of Jesus is my eternal source
Doesn’t matter the terrain or how rough the course
strength is within me, i feel it work like magic
don’t miss me climb this mountain, that would be just tragic.


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