Slingshot of Faith.

Redefine, completely separate.
Now unafraid, no longer want to immulate.
with this change comes speculation
why the new and improved reputation?
taking up my role of an alien here.
It is no longer people that I fear.
God-fearing, determined to display
the shift in heart when you go the other way.
suiting up in all armor becomes necessary.
the roars from observers can be awfully scary.
they question your intention behind each move.
asking you what you are trying to prove.
You keep your slingshot tightly gripped in hand.
aware that when others back down, you have to stand.
this feeling of foreignness and inability to relate.
will be called “weird” by those who speculate.
but you know cause you know that He knows.
you’re never alone, where you go, He goes.
You see, He has always made you set apart.
knowing that not everyone would understand your heart.
you no longer desire to replicate
those who are not along the narrow and straight
for this path is filled with warriors who thirst
they have one priority and he always comes first.
not always popular or desired by everyone
but soon everyone will confess Jesus is son.
don’t be afraid to live like David, the King.
once just a sheep-hearder who knew how to sing.
he submitted and God’s plans took precedence
no matter the defendant, he had unlimited confidence.
The strength of a lion and the gentleness of a dove.
a Warrior like him screams of God’s love.
forgiving of his brothers who do not understand
that revenge is not sweet or the responsibility of man
A leader, a true fit for a King.
His very life was the sacrifice he did bring.
I deeply desire to be that fearless and bold.
willing to do God’s will no matter what does unfold.
Give me David’s heart, lord, a heart on fire.
consume me, use me, fulfill your desire.
on my knees as i cry out your name.
one pebble and slingshot and life’s never the same.


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