People Pleasing.

Unashamed, isn’t that what they say?
Free, proud, secure, nothing standing in my way.
Not letting others decide my next move.
Making my own beat, doing my own groove.
Looking back, I let others influence and often decide.
Yet always wondered why I had a limp in my stride.
Come to realize my perspective was wrong.
I was causing my own problem, could’ve fixed them all along.
To everyone’s happiness, I do not hold the key.
What someone thinks of me, well it’s not up to me.
I would wrestle, exhaust myself and only leave drained.
Changed nothing, the relationship only more strained.
It is not to say that we can’t make others smile.
But we should be so prideful to think that we make others life worthwhile.
Ultimately people pleasing is a very unpromising profession.
After years in the business, finally learned my lesson.
You cant please everyone you’ll end up in defeat.
Be considerate, please the Lord and you can’t be beat.
Don’t be anxious or weighted down by what others day
Forget fear, let faith determine your day.
Want a pep in your step? and power in your walk?
Ask the Lord for deliverance, don’t just talk the talk.
When we act right and are pure in heart
Jesus deals with others, that has always been his part.
The next decision you make, look up above.
He only wants good for you, His advice is love.
Stand firm in opinions you hold, let others challenge what you believe.
The greatest leaders have enemies, who knows what you can achieve?
Step outside your comfort zone, but always be you
Even when others disagree, they must say you were true.
Live the life you desire, go the path you choose
One life to live means you got nothing to lose!
And when you’re a retired people pleaser, I’ll look at you and say
See, you won’t be happy if others determine your day!


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