Only One You.

If you could choose anything you wanted to be
if you could make your mark in all of history
if you could set a record or invent something extraordinary
if you could climb the tallest mountain and never find it scary
if you could have a mansion somewhere on the coast
if you could eat whatever food you wanted, everything that you love most
if you could become a professional athlete and always take the win
if you could get along with everyone and call each a friend
if you could build something gigantic like noah’s indestructible ark
if you could find a whole new world on the next journey you embark
if you could have the voice of an angel and sing for all to hear
if you could sail aorund the world in whatever direction you steer
if you could become a surgeon and save at least one life each day
if you could become the president and make sure everything was okay
if you could have lunch with Jesus and ask him what was on his mind
What are the answers that you think you would find?
Maybe that saying could was not the appropriate expression.
“Can” is the correct word, His father had taught him that lesson.
maybe that wishing yesterday away was a silly waste of time.
Today is what is available, do not waste your peace of mind.
Maybe he would tell you that the mountain you want to climb
Well it would only hurt you and no treasures you would find
maybe he would tell you that the mansion you long to own
Well that will never fill the deepest part of you that wants to find ahome.
maybe he would tell you to eat to live, not live to eat
Such miniscule things can become an idol and welcome defeat
Maybe he would tell you that the profession you keep trying to follow
well it is fleeting, self-fulfilling and you will end up feeling hollow
maybe he would tell you that your desire to be liked by everyone
well it was keeping you from experiencing glory with the beloved son
maybe he would tell you that the ship you keep trying to turn
well the waves are just too choppy and there is no promise of return
maybe he would tell you that all the dreams you think you desire
well those are just signs that the calling you hear is oh so much higher
maybe he would tell you to simply stop and come along
For this poem you’ve been singing was just your come back song
So drop your magazines, how to book s and list of things to do.
The world is waiting and there is only one you.


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