One Left Turn.

What do I want? Easy question at first glance.
A happy family, good career and a lifetime romance.
Solid church, secured finances, stable fellowship.
Loving small hometown but the money to take a trip.
When do I want these things to all begin?
When I’m done being young and feel condemnation for my sin.
I want to be selfish now and live without regret
Living with the wind at my back, what’s behind me I forget?
That white picket fence I grew up being surrounded by?
Once I got one foot out, my wings started to fly.
The important life lessons mama told before bed
They easily slip my mind, no longer in my head.
My friends are scattered and no experience the same
Some desired fortune, others desired fame.
Now what am I seeking as I take the next Grayhound bus?
Something that calms my mind, i want to hear no fuss.
There’s something bout leaving home that stirs you up inside
Nobody around you knows you, no longer gotta hide.
Accountability if you want it, but no longer have to listen.
No reports of what you’re doin’ or who you’ve been kissin.’
If you wanted to forget the world and leave it for a minute
Retreat and just decide when to come back in it.
Your wings get tired after going for a while.
Mother nature doesn’t keep in mind the current life trial.
So you go, and go, and go and go some more
Meet people along the way and open another door
Feels so good to be this wild and this free
Who would’ve thought this would be you at the age of 23?
Not your mama or your daddy or your friends from highschool
Proving to them but mainly yourself not to take you for a fool
But this freeness, this liberty is the sweetest when you learn
That white picket fence requires only one left turn
It’s the same as where its been since the day you left
The hyndrangeas and the willlow tree still hold the secrets you kept
Home used to be tiring, used to drain you of innocence
Always defending your choices afraid mama might take offense
But now its just a place where you can sit in the rocking chair
Have a glass of ‘ol sweet tea and let down your knotted hair
Daddy’s got more wisdom and mama’s laugh lines surround her face
Looking at the welcome mat, gosh I’ve missed this place.
Wings get patched up, keep you grounded just long enough
Before you leave to go again, come back when it gets rough.


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