No Rearview Mirrors.

Go, don’t stop, face forward my friend.
Why are you looking back at the dead end?
The future is bright, the light is ahead.
Your blood is flowing, the stale roots no longer dead.
The past may have been easy or given security.
But in reality, it was limiting your ability.
Doesn’t mean those time were necessarily bad
I’m sure you were often happy, not feeling sad.
It’s important to realize that if was a life season.
Those people, those places, those times all for a reason.
Do not fall into the deadly trap of guilt and regret
You still are living, it isn’t over yet.
Be thankful that you have what you have and you are where you are.
Your dreams are still reachable, they’re never too far.
Close your eyes and ears to all of Satan’s clever lies.
You are God’s child, don’t be willing to compromise.
Keep your head up and your feet in a sturdy place.
Invest in strong friends, who value accountability but offer grace.
And if you happen to trip up and stumble
Dust off, get up and be reminded to stay humble.
You see our life was destined to be covered in shame
It was Jesus who changed that, He took all our blame.
So listen when He says to leave the past in the past.
The pain may sting but He promises it will not last.
Good things, great things, incomprehensible things are in store.
No matter the evil that strikes, Jesus is your core.
He is already victorious, still the battle will rage.
The devil tries to make you his actor and the earth, his stage.
Laugh at his attempts and his foolish sense of control
Claim jesus’ name and His promise for your soul.
What does it mean to really, truly, honestly live here?
To die to the world, and forget all the fear.
Freedom at last, shackles are gone and the sunshine is out.
Look ahead my friend, Jesus determines your route.


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