My Dad, My Hero.

Thinking of one word to sum you up as a whole.
I am lost, unsure how to describe such a precious soul.
For twenty one years now, you have taught me everyday.
Whether you knew it or not, you influenced me in every way
i do not know someone more generous than you.
I believe God created only a few.
You always give more than you take.
Never afraid of the outcome or what is at stake.
You care more deeply than the largest sea
I don’t know a thing you wouldn’t do for me.
Your fearless spirit is always willing to sacrifice.
If i needed you, no matter where I am, you wouldn’t think twice.
How is your heart so big, so willing to give love?
Every time I ask you, you point up above.
I watch you work hard through thick and thin.
“Are his hands not tired?”, I ask myself again.
Still you labor, you work with pleasure on your face.
Weariness is not in your spirit, you don’t slow down the pace.
And when I fail to do good with what you offer me?
You don’t take it back, you continue to give freely.
I see you interact with others, about business and life.
You keep a strong demeanor even when they cause you strife.
People come to you expecting, knowing your heart.
You know they’re taking advantage from the very start
Yet you still extend mercy, how you do this baffles me.
Willing to sacrifice your pride and offer vulnerability.
I watch you use your brain to figure out intricate plans.
Wondering to myself how you meet all these demands.
Your voice remains calm, you have a quiet confidence.
Aware of the ultimate builder helps you relax when you grow tense.
You long to provide the best for everyone around you.
I should be more thankful for every single thing you do.
Do you know how many qualities you have that I admire?
Every year I grow older, you continue to inspire.
You make me proud of who I am and who I hope to be.
Your encouragement makes me think my dreams can be reality.
Since i was a small little girl.
I would sit in your lap to feel good about the world.
And now when I’m having a down kind of day.
You’re the first person i call, just to hear you say hey.
Dad, do you know how incredibly blessed I feel?
The fact that you’re my father amazes me still.
You may not know all you influence, or all the fruit you will bear.
But you should know its incredible, you plant seeds everywhere.
Thank you for being you, it is more than enough.
I know its not easy and life can get rough.
But you’ve already changed my life, as you continue to do.
Your baby girl couldn’t be prouder of you.
I’m a daddy’s girl, it doesn’t matter how old.
No one else can take the place that you hold.
I love you, with every bit of my heart.
Finding half the man you are will be the hard part.
So come with me dad, lets sit on this rocking chair.
You can still tell me stories while you comb through my hair.
I’ll never be ready to let this go.
You’re my hero, just thought you should know.


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