Keep going.

Battlefield of the mind,
Why are you so unkind?
I work hard to be free.
But you captivate me.
Am I right? Am I wrong?
Do I even belong?
Mind wanders, thoughts everywhere.
Everything from my future career to my hair.
I’m told this is normal, or so they say.
Morning to night, day to day.
No wonder everyone is tired.
Without a job, already ready to retire.
Truth is, I have come to find.
That half the things going through my mind.
They never occur, just in my head.
In my book of life, I try to read ahead.
I’m not in control, I have never been.
Deceit is simply a terrible friend.
Thinking I can change an already paved path.
In the case of faith, I tried to do the math.
You’d think I would eventually learn.
I won’t always know the next turn.
So my mind starts on the inevitable stroll.
Master planner and thinker, isn’t that my role?
Oh how prideful, it has finally hit me.
Planner? Oh what a deceitful story.
What is my purpose/? I then start to cry.
Asking myself how this time has passed by.
OUt of the silence, a voice so strong.
“My child, to Me you belong.
Why have you been turned the other way?
My arms have been open everyday.
My heart has been broken when you’ve cried.
I knew you felt alone, petrified.
I tried to call your name over and over again.
But you were too focused on being ashamed of your sin.
I tried to warn you not to go down that road.
But you insisted so, so I let you go.
I want you to want to follow me.
I have always been a King of liberty.
But I know your heart, the deepest part.
I always have from the very start.
You look beautiful my daughter, you radiate.
Your eyes are flowing for you now know your fate.
With Me for eternity, forever and always.
Pure, washed clean for the rest of your days.
So now that you know the real plan.
Draw closer to me, take my hand.
Now don’t stray too far, the road is thin.
Keep your focus ahead and the light within.
I’ll place each foot in front of the other.
I’ll do the same for your sister and brother.
If you happen to take a look behind.
In the road you may reach a small bind.
Don’t worry, get up and keep going ahead.
You are redeemed, remember the words I said?
Keep an eye on roadblocks, know when to yield.
Wear your armor, my child, this is a battlefield.
Remember for peace, always come to me.
Now walk ahead child, shine your light for all to see.”


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