Don’t Choose Easy.

You know that feeling when your heart’s in your feet
Head hurts from crying like drums are on repeat.
The weird thing about this exact situation
You were in control, you chose this direction.
Could’ve gone left but you knew this was right
Feeling hurt and discouraged, hoping the pains just for the night.
Why is it that good decisions are so hard to make?
But the bad or risky decisions are much easier to take?
I’ve stayed up for hours and asked myself why?
I could’ve gone the other way and still be getting by.
That’s the catch here, that very lat part.
“Getting by” is not what the Lord desires for your heart.
You have a plan that is beyond your wildest dream.
but you must work with your creator, you two are a team.
When you walk dead center in the middle of His will.
Monsoon could come but He will keep you still.
Don’t ask for easy because easy is never satisfying.
His intended plan for you is the definition of gratifying.
Don’t be deceived by feeling “good” or temporarily “in control”.
God’s plan surpasses feelings, it saturates your soul!
The pain you felt before and the hurt that cut so deep.
Jesus removes it all, forever, your heart no longer will weep.
The biggest change that happens is when you gain this new perspective.
You are here for His glory so you must be protective.
The choices you make decide which road you go down.
Do you hide in darkness or wear a light-reflecting crown?
How incredible it feels to have the will of God on your side
What a faithful companion, to follow, trust and confide.
His voice saying, “keep going”, no matter the distraction.
Don’t be fooled by bright lights, the world’s deceitful affection.
Restored, renewed, replenished, ready for what’s ahead.
Be refreshed in the Lord, don’t take the easy route instead.
Your heart needs care, it is too precious to feel that pain.
Seek the shelter of the Lord and step out of that pelting rain.
The worthwhile life, the road traveled in the light.
That’s God’s path, don’t choose easy, choose right.


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