Compassion is Action.

Compassion is action, that’s what the preacher said.
Just words alone can make your faith dead.
Move your feet to where they should be.
Don’t be scared of this untold mystery.
Change is shaky and often unknown.
But what good is your flag if the wind hasn’t blown?
Do you see the helpless and feel your heart skip a beat?
Feeling saddened and hurt but you continue to watch from your seat.
Asking yourself what to do cause you have nothing to give
Rephrase your question and realize what it means to live.
What we receive and have is ultimately God’s merchandise
If we owned nothing in this life, His love would suffice.
What we receive, we should give, that is our call.
Why can’t we be like Him, willing to give it all?
We get distracted by the glitz, glitter and glam.
Quickly pulled back by His voice, “Is that who I am?”
“Are you satisfied”, He asks as we call out His name.
Once again on our knees, enveloped in shame.
Still He purifies and washes us white as the snow.
Compassion ever-flowing, with no frustration to show.
Jesus acts on our behalf when we lack strength of our own.
Every limb of His extended and His love has only grown.
Life is short, but so sweet if we can learn His way.
Offering ourselves as a living sacrifice day by day.
Compassion is needed, don’t get comfortable in your own plan.
We are capable through Him, in all things we can!
Stir up your heart and ask for urgency.
The time is now, don’t settle for a life of normality.
He will restore you, refuel you and renew the inside.
You are His vessel, your strength can overcome the tide.
Ask for His direction, He will never lead you astray.
You’re His beloved, each day a new day.
So suit up and prepare for what is really in store.
One taste of this living water and you’ll always want more.
But once you get it, share it with all those around.
Compassion is action, the “good life” has been found


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