Bejeweled and Beloved.

Your crown, I see it on your head.
jewels of all kinds, purples blues and red.
This particular gold has a very special hue
you’ve had it since you born yet it looks brand new.
One would think that with time it would get dimmer
but the light has grown brighter and the jewels have more shimmer
this crown goes well with any outfit you wear.
with sweatpants on, this will still make all the men stare.
it doesn’t look ridiculous even on a morning run.
in fact, it lights up your path like the summer sun.
It does not wobble around as you go through the day
no bobby pins required, it just finds its place will stay.
this crown serves as the ultimate sign.
that you’re a bride of Christ, the savior divine!
do you act as if this treasure is upon your head?
or do you forget it exists and find a replacement instead?
remove your temporary fix for this crown of grace
why settle to blend in when you can illuminate the place?
you’re bejweled because you’re beloved to Jesus my friend.
once broken before, your heart is on the mend.
keep your head high, you have a duty to radiate.
a daughter of the king does not settle to replicate.
this crown of grace captivates your mind
freedom is yours! you’re no longer blind
aware of your shortcomings but thankful for this.
The king of kings grabbed your forehead and planted a kiss.
so show off your crown! be mindful it is there.
polish it, cherish it and keep it with care.
my sweet daughter, you are a child of selfless grace
wear your crown and lift up your face.


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