I’m good enough, right? I ask him once more.
Are you tired of me knocking at your door?
I’m sorry I say, as my tears roll down my cheek.
My thoughts are too scattered and I can’t seem to speak.
I slowly shift my body away from his feet.
Scared that my shame will cause my own defeat.
But I feel a soft touch caress the side of my face.
The warmest touch I’ve ever felt electrify the place.
“Oh sweet daughter, how you’ve got it all wrong.
This exact moment, I’ve waited for so long!
Don’t you see, you’re in the perfect place at my feet.
For the affection of the world I don’t have to compete.”
I watch His eyes stare into my soul.
Feeling each piece of my heart begin to make its way whole.
Scooping me up in His arms, He brushes my hair.
With such adoration and love consumed in His stare.
“You are so beautiful. So perfect to me.
I just wish you had my eyes so that you could also see.
You’ve listened to the wrong voices and believed all the lies.
That you’re not worthy or pretty enough for all of these guys.
But my sweet daughter, you must change your view.
Those thoughts are defeating and simply untrue.
While I find you flawless, you must believe it first.
Seek My perspective, always seek Me first.
I will radically change your mind and show your heart.
How incredibly sacred you are, each and every part.
You’re my beloved, my daughter, a part of Me.
Let this define your worth and your beauty.”
As He said this to me and tied up my shoelace.
I hopped off his lap and looked in His face.
Thank you daddy. I sometimes forget my place.
How lovely You see me as I dance in Your grace.
I love you! I say as I flash Him my smile.
He lights up as He says He hasn’t seen that in a while.
And as I walk in to the world remembering my father’s speech.
I shine. I smile, I praise. I’ve got a world to teach!


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