A Childlike Faith.

Have you witnessed a child live for a day?
Watched him make up a million games to play.
A few colored balls become this magical land.
Or the floor becomes lava and on pillows they stand.
Question after question, they always want to know more.
Too impatient to wait and see what’s behind the door.
Yet these curious little ones make conversation extraordinary.
As they make your normal life somehow imaginary.
Your bed is made of feathers and you swim in rainbow ice cream.
Your athletic abilities trump any professional sports team.
Climbing Mount Everest is estimated to take you an hour.
You sleep in a homemade fort but hold all the world’s power.
You see, a childlike faith believes the impossible.
Apathetic of the “reasonable” or what others consider plausible.
This mindset is what gives every child their uncontainable joy.
It’s not their new barbie jeep or their GI Joe toy.
They believe that people are inherently good.
Nothing is off limits, that fact is just understood.
As we grow older and our circumstances change our mind.
We witness less good and the more injustice we find.
But we must remember the thoughts of a child.
To enjoy the little things and let our hearts run wild.
For the world exists as you see it so open your eyes.
Be curious and excited before all the time flies!
This world is yours, isn’t that right?
Living with a childlike faith, oh a precious sight!


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