Need a prayer?

I think it took me a very long time to realize the power of prayer.  It is a word that is thrown around loosely in all types of settings.  People at church talk  about prayer.  Your friend says she will pray for you during your test.  Your mom says she will pray for you during your job interview.  You yourself pray when absolutely nothing seems to go your way. All of these times are wonderful times to pray! However, prayer should not just be a circumstantial part of your spiritual life.  It should not just be when something happens or doesn’t happen. Prayer is a way to talk to God, to thank Him for the continual blessings He provides in your life, to ask Him for guidance and strength and just to be with Him.  People also underestimate the power of prayer.  Have you ever heard someone say that prayers can move mountains? Well, they were not lying to you.  Jesus hears us! In fact, He tells us all throughout the Bible for us to come to Him in prayer; not just when things are tough or when we feel like we need His help, but all the time. He never gets tired of hearing us!

These are just different prayers for different things you might be going through.  Sometimes we don’t have much time or our brains our so drained, we do not even know what to say.  Come to the Lord with your entire self- every thought, every worry, every care, every desire, everything. Bring it all. And just talk to Him! He is not only your father, He is your best friend. Confide in Him and expect Him to be there to listen. But remember prayer is just as much about listening as it is talking. Just sit still with Him, silence the distractions and let Him love on you. He wants to guide you, encourage you and be there for you. Let Him.


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