Love Letters.

This is just a letter/reminder that reminds you how special you are. You are irreplaceable. Go on, read your love letter!

From One Child of the King to another…

Do you know how incredibly loved you are? You are worth more than you could ever imagine. God finds you irreplaceable, a prized possession that is worthy of His eternal love. Had it just of been you? He would have taken each rusty nail in His hands for you and you alone. Had it just have been you? He would have had everything happen the same way and every stone he had thrown at him was worth the pain of having you in his arms. You are sacred, beautiful and important to him. My child, He calls you His beloved. He longs to protect you from any outside harm or anything that might damage your heart of hurt your soul. He longs to send you out into the world proclaiming of His love and ordain each and every step of the way. Your workplace? He already knows the stresses of it. Your home? He already knows the strained tension that comes from close quarters. Your studies? He already knows the fear of failure that comes with it. Your romantic relationship? He knows your deepest desires and he understands your partners failures. Your friendships? He already knows those who will betray you. He created them. And your heart? He knows every intricate detail of it, the fears, the failures, the dreams, the hopes, the goals, the worries, the moments of doubt and distress, and the way your heart can be complete. Jesus created you with such particular design and structure that he can predict how you will react to any and every situation you have come across. What is so sweet is how he lets you be free to let Him help you in all these areas of your life and parts of your heart, or you can try to do them by yourself, even with Him knowing that the solution to every problem is allowing Him to guide you through it and the real taste of victory is found in surrendering to His will. But you are His beloved so He prepares Himself to travel the journey with you, no matter if you stumble or take a wrong turn. He gently nudges your hand, tilts his head the other direction and allows you another try. Another try to go on the right path and the often more narrow road. My dear and beloved child, don’t you see who you are? You can’t understand what you were made for or where you are supposed to go until you know why you are here in the first place. You were created to be used in the Kingdom of our loving and incredibly awesome God! You were chosen to be a vessel that shares this with people who don’t quite understand how anyone could love them. The same mercy and forgiveness that god extends to you, He allows you to extend to others. The only way that we can have a true and fruitful relationship is if we let God be the cornerstone, the hub of the wheel, the pinnacle of our pyramid and the source of our mountaintop. While others deserve to be loved and treated with respect, the glory and joy that is found in this togetherness is not to our glory-it is a direct product of the Lord loving us so much, filling our cup up so overwhelmingly full that He allows us to pour a little into the cup of another. No matter your past, you are capable of loving others like this because Christ first loved you. How insanely awesome is that!? You also must know that you are beautiful beyond measure. The Lord knows the fears and lies that Satan brings to our doorstep every morning, every night and every break during the day that he can. He longs to make us feel inadequate, unloved, and not qualified for the work of our Jesus. He wants us to think that our merit is based on our works, our appearance, our reputation or our worldly circumstances! Let me tell you my beloved, He is so so wrong. If that were the case, not one person on this earth could be used for God’s kingdom. Yet God takes dust and makes it a beautiful creation. He longs to use the imperfect to show His perfect love. What could be God’s disappointment is us is his divine appointment to use us and fulfill our purpose. You are part of that plan. You have a specific purpose that is unique to your life. Sometimes, that purpose may seem confusing, undeserved or simply not what you planned. But when you let the Lord intervene in your life and you step into the middle of God’s will, immersed in His love, your soul flies. My dear child, why would you settle for mediocre when you have been offered the abundant life? You are unique because God only wanted one of you. Two of you would simply be too precious to handle. He finds you perfectly capable and able but what He longs for you to say is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He wants you to believe it, know it and walk in it. He doesn’t want to be just head knowledge. He strives to be heart knowledge that guides you, strengthens you and ultimately defines you. So beloved, how do you see yourself? As an empty, undeserving vessel that seems useless and not worthy? Or have you stepped into the light, removed the earthly standards and realized that you are in fact a prized possession in the arms of Christ? You are passionately loved and eternally protected. Where you go, he goes. What you dream can come true. And what God sees you as can never, ever be destroyed. You are royal.


2 thoughts on “Love Letters.

  1. Cleere you are an anointed writer! I posted this to my Facebook page—it was shared 5 times within minutes (grace!). I know God is using you for great and mighty things in Texas. Your blog has certainly spoken to me! Oxox Mrs Elizabeth

  2. This touches me to the core. I posted it to my Facebook page and in a matter of minutes it was shared. I know the Lord is using you for great and mighty things in Texas! Oxox Mrs Elizabeth

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