About Me!

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My name is Cleere Cherry and I recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, majoring in Communications studies and minoring in Spanish.  I am currently a Sales Director for an eco-friendly, fashion company called, G Wear. Born and raised in Carolina but makin’ a life on Texas soil these days.  I am an aspiring writer who believes that with God’s help, anything is possible.  I hope this blog serves as a way to encourage you and remind you of who you are in Jesus- dearly loved and highly favored. Life is not about surviving, it is about thriving!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Great posts girl!

    I just discovered your blog and am already excited to keep reading! It is amazing to meet new enthusiastic Christ followers. Love it. 🙂

    – Hailey Mae xoxo

  2. Hi Cleere, my name is Tammy Gray, and I recently published a book Shattered Rose. The book is a fictional love story about a girl who suffers from very low self esteem and the life impact it has on her. My website is tlgray.com. I’ve looked at your blog and feel you would appreciate my message. I was wondering if I could provide you to the book to read and if you would be willing to review it on your blog.

    Thanks so much,

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