Satan devours, Jesus Empowers.

“Do not give the devil an opportunity to work.” –Ephesians 4:27

I read this verse this morning and my brain started to wander (scary).

Two things came to mind from reading this verse:

1. The devil will take any opportunity he sees available.

2. We GIVE him that opportunity.

I certainly do not think we should spend time focusing on the devil’s schemes rather than Jesus’ power, however, pretending as though Satan is stupid or unaware of our strongholds is simply not the case.

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” -1 Peter 5:8

Have you ever seen a roaring lion? Maybe in a zoo or something but I’m talking about a straight up wild lion in its natural habitat. One who is hungry and fearless.

Devour. Do you know what that means? It means to literally rip apart, leaving nothing behind and no mercy attached.

You see, Satan knows our weakness.

He knows that some of us are deathly afraid of failure.

He knows that some of us are plagued by insecurity.

He knows that some of us answer the door every time worry knocks.

I say all of this because we must be on guard, alert of what we are feeding our spirit and our hearts! Our words are crucial in implementing words of truth rather than lies that Satan feeds us.

However, in our weakness, Jesus is our strength.

Warrior, SUIT UP. Life ain’t easy, get a helmet.

No, seriously the helmet of salvation. You need it.

Sandals of peace. Put ‘em on.

Breastplate of righteousness.

Hurry up, now. I’m waiting. Seriously, you better not just read this and leave ill-equipped.

Shield of faith.

Sword of truth.


Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, you need to be suited up.

Before you walk into your big office meeting and make any big decisions, you need to be stylin’ His armor.

This battle is not against flesh and blood. It’s a spiritual battle. It’s not a little wimpy “figure of speech”, it’s a real battle going on.

BUT take heart, beloved! YOU belong on a team that stands in victory, no matter the enemy.

Satan QUIVERS at the sound of Jesus’ name.

Mmmm, I like that.

When you have Jesus on your side, the once ‘powerful’ become powerless.

Satan seeks to devour. Jesus seeks to EMPOWER.

If you knew you were going to win a battle before it took place, would you be scared?

Okay, then.

See ya laterrrr, fear! I got my armor on 🙂


Something to Hold Onto.

In the brink of Hurricane Sandy, I couldn’t help but think about everyone affected by this terrible storm.

Power completely out.

Hospital patients had to be evacuated.

The streets completely out of service as thrashing waters make them look like long-time rivers.

Innocent lives taken.



There is something about being in the midst of a crisis, or even watching one, that makes you completely re-evaluate your life.

You become thankful for simple things, like water and bread.

You hold on tighter to your loved ones, realizing that this life here is not promised.

Life just seems more precious.

Gratitude seems more necessary.

Why does it take a crisis to remind us of what our priorities are?

I’m really not sure why. Maybe because we are forced to move forward so quickly so we slowly forget the lessons of our past.

It is during times like this morning, as I review pictures of the destruction caused by Sandy as I sit in my cubicle with nothing in my life affected by this storm, I really start to wonder how people live without Jesus.

Jesus allows us to have faith beyond reason.

He allows us to rely on the unseen instead of the seen.

His plans for our life on not based on our faithfulness or what we deserve, but rather how much he loves us. Which is so, so, so much. 

FAITH.  Forsaking All, I Trust Him.

How do people face storms in this life without having Jesus as their lifeboat?

As I think back on tragedies I have faced in my life, Jesus was the only reason that seemed to keep me waking up in the morning. Understanding why was simply not possible. My heart felt as though it had literally been ripped from my chest.

But somehow, in the midst of all the chaos, I heard him say…

“Beloved, do not focus on the storm. Keep your eyes on me.  Hold my hand and I will wade through these waters with you.”

I am so thankful that our God is greater than earthly logic. He is greater than it all.

Our physical possessions can be stripped from us.

Our lives can be put on “hold” in the world but He holds time in his hands.

My friend, do not rely on the temporary circumstances of your life to provide an eternal resting place. I pray that no matter what storm comes in your life, that you are anchored in Jesus.

Completely, absolutely WRAPPED ALL UP IN HIS GOODNESS 🙂

Jesus, thank YOU so much for everything that happens in this life. My prayer for today is that we all may look to you as our lifeboat.

When the news and the reports voice that we are helpless, may we find our hope in you.

When our possessions are washed away by the tide, may we remember that we are rich in Your name.

When fear is in our hearts and life seems to be falling apart, may we KNOW the resurrection that takes place in Your presence.

And no matter what, Jesus I pray that we know You are real, You are working and You are always good.

In Jesus name, Amen!

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You, I praise god for what He has promised.” –Psalm 56:3-4