Come alive.

What are you passionate about? Think about it. What makes you happy? What fuels happiness into your life, fills you with excitement and fulfills your purpose in life? The question seems easy at first but when you think about it, what you’re passionate about often says a lot about you.

I couldn’t help but start thinking about my answer to this question as I watched the Grammy Awards tonight and tweeked my resume here and there. Looking at what I had listed, did it accurately reflect how I saw myself and what I love to do? Did my experiences speak for the things I believe in and the path I long to pursue? Yes, sometimes things are listed on our resume simply to give us that extra gold star or because let’s get real, our mom signed us up or threatened to “ground” us while we were still in college. But watching these Awards, I can’t help but notice that the reason why all these people are at this prestigious event for their music is because each one of them bleeds music. They live for what they do! They believe in the words of the songs, the way hitting the right note can send chills through your body and that music really does heal. They are all successful. Why? Because they pursued their passion. They were intentional and purposeful about their strengths and they were determined to show the world.

Are you determined to follow your passion? Or are you willing to settle for something that simply pays the bills or “it works for right now”? While we can’t start on top of a mountain and building up to our dreams often requires hard work, effort and perserverance, we must start somewhere. One of my most favorite quotes is from Harold Whitman and he said, ““Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” …COME ALIVE! That’s it! I had to really challenge myself and ask myself how I defined success: Is it defined by how much I have? My reputation? What I can write on paper? Or is it the richness of my heart? The fullness of my spirit? And the yearning and the passion that I have to do the work in front of me?

Maybe you’re not in a place where you can exactly change your job or you don’t even know where or what you want to do quite yet. Believe me, that is normal and okay so do not be discouraged for a second! Change is always available, either by literally changing what you’re doing and where you’re going or by simply changing your perspective and attitude. It is so true that how we view a circumstance and our attitude during the wilderness determines how long we remain there. So be passionate about life! Be passionate about the fact that you, my friend, get to inhale and exhale today. That, in itself, is a huge blessing many others are denied. God didn’t put you on this earth to just “have fun” or “get by” or “be okay”. He wanted you to THRIVE. Live ABUNDANTLY. Sieze the opportunities in front of you and be EXCITED for today and the possibilities of tomorrow. So, decide, right now, that your life of purpose is worth far too much to not be passionate about. Come alive. The world really does need more of us.


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