Let your light shine.

Some days are just not easy. Plain and simple. Today was one of those days. I would blame it on a “case of the Monday’s” but I’m actually a fan of Mondays. They remain a fresh start. But today just began on the wrong foot. Woke up late, showered with no conditioner (always a good look for the office), missed breakfast, traffic on the way to work, head hurting, my to-do list 1,000 miles long and all together, I felt like I was going to fall apart before the day even started.

As a tear started to make it’s way down my cheek, I saw I received two texts from two different friends. One was a text just encouraging me, telling me how she felt called to remind me that today is a new day and the past is old news! (Awesome already, right?) Then the following text from my other friend was telling me to let my light shine today! She said she felt like I had been worrying lately and that was keeping my light from shining. Wow. She lives no where near me but I definitely lifted my head up thinking she was somewhere around stalking me. She had to know I was about to cry and needed exactly that, right? No. But God did and He intervened.

This is the crazy part about God. He doesn’t NEED us to do His part in encouraging other people and being a part of His plan but He YEARNS for us to want to Help Him. God completely used both of my friends to reach out to me in that very moment and remind me to snap the heck out of it! It’s like my mom always tells me, when I become too introverted, I stop being effective. When I think too much about myself, what’s wrong with me, have pity parties or start worrying about things beyond my control, I take the focus off of what God wants me to do, who He wants me to be and where He wants me to go! But the second I get my mind off of myself and onto His Kingdom, my problems fix themselves.

Bottom line: When you let your light shine, there is no need to worry about the next step because the light provides the way for you. When you’re obedient to God, He will not lead you astray. Your blessings will overflow!!! Honestly, you won’t know what to do with everything you’ve been given because it will be that fruitful! We often tend not to believe this because so many people focus on attaining these things created rather than focusing on the Creator. Let your light shine because you have no idea who might need a little light along their path, too. Let your light shine because being an example of Jesus will make you happy, too. And let your light shine because it seriously is the COOLEST and most adventurous life you’ll ever get the chance to partake in.


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